Kerala Floods: Video Of Army Rescuing Man With Prosthetic Limb Wins Hearts

In yet another heartwarming incident of solidarity and courage in the face of adversity, a man with a prosthetic leg was rescued by the Indian army from the Kerala floods. The rescue was caught on camera, and the powerful video was shared on Indian army’s official Instagram account. During the last few days, the army has joined hands with the navy, air force, local fishermen and private groups to rescue people stranded in the ferocious floods, as well as provide relief materials to the affected.

The video shows five army personnel helping the unidentified man climb down a ladder. The man appears to be stranded on the first floor of a house in a flood-affected area. Though it is not clear where in Kerala the rescue took place, many people in the comments section of the video have identified the army personnel as belonging to the Garhwal Rifles regiment of the Indian army.

“Wherever you are #wewillsaveyou,” said the caption accompanying the video.

Since being shared online just four hours ago, the heartwarming video has already collected over 62,000 views and hundreds of comments praising the army.

“We all know just a thank you is not enough for all your immense hard work but still I want to thank all the military men and women out there in Kerala,” wrote one person in the comments section. “Hats off to the Indian army,” said another.


Another video shared by the army shows how the people of Kerala are thanking the armed forces for their help – with heartfelt applause.

Kerala is dealing with the aftermath of the worst floods the state has seen in a century. The floods started after the authorities were forced to release water from 35 dams after the state received 250 per cent more rain than normal between August 8 and 15.

(Kerala has to rebuild itself after the worst floods in over a century. Hundreds have died and lakhs are homeless. Here is how you can help.)

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